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So that's why they were so cheap... Maxell blank CDs were reduced yesterday in Tescos. I bought 'em to copy the Doctor Who audiobooks onto so I can listen in the car. They're fine, up until about track 12 or 13 and then they just skip about like a vinyl record in an earthquake. Grrr.

So I'm currently not listening to the Resurrection Casket, and instead am suddenly remembering that today is the day when I am the only supervisor in the main office. Out of six of us, there's just me. This is going to be fun. Especially since I have bugger all to do and was planning on maybe reshelving the microfilms out on the main floor. Can't really do that if there's no other supervisors in here. Fun.

Anyways... I am still a little conflicted over some things that are going on in my life right now, and which resulted in me prowling the house on Friday looking for something to break (and having the door nearly break my leg when I kicked it). My knee is still painful, but that's my own fault and was exacerbated by the run yesterday morning. Which started as a run but kinda became a hobbling jog towards the end. I made it though - 10K. Next year? No kicking doors and no drinking and forgetting to eat the day before... :) So one of two things will probably happen over the next week or so - either I'll stop posting non-fandom stuff (which I kinda did over the weekend except for the fact I got a little drunk and my computer was on...) in which case please don't worry about me, I am going to be fine I just need to work out some of the broken toys in my head - or I'll post more than ever and tell you all the intricate details on my current psychoses whether you want to know or not. It seems every time I try to take a step back I end up posting more than ever so... we'll see.

I am also having problems with my webhost, another virus found its way onto my webspace - as I think I've mentioned in the past I have the efiction script loaded into a non-public subdomain on the site so that I can rescue as much of INAP as possible, and it seems the hackers have found it and hacked it. However, what they did was hack into my webspace and plant the virus in my graphics site - the webhosts have removed the virus so it's all secure, but they've also denied me permission to the graphics subdomain so I can't fix it. I'm having 'discussions' with them about that and it'll probably be okay by tonight, but it's meant that every single site I run is again under threat. I was on the verge of saying screw it and opening up the efiction archive again to restore INAP but this definitely means it will not be back in the same form it was. It will be back though - as will all the sites - but at the moment everything's in limbo. Including WKA, although nominations can still be made at the LJ comm wka_nominations

Okay then... so that's the state of me right now, alone in an office with the sites falling down around my ears and not able to do much about it right now. Not as dire as that actually sounds because at least I can start again. :)

(Oh, and when I post the Lost/DW crossover ficlet (part of the Close Encounters of the Tenth Kind) - I had the idea before listening to the start of Resurrection Casket, honest! The book just confirms that it would have the effect I need it to have to get the ficlet to work - being vague for people who haven't yet seen the end of S2 Lost or read/heard Resurrection Casket.)
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