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The State of my fic

I just got the sweetest little PM from It's been so long since I wandered over there that I didn't even realise they were doing PM's these days! Anyway, it was someone saying that they'd just re-read WaDaDM for the nth time and they completely understood if I'd stepped back from writing but they would love it if I would finish the tale at some point.

I got all warm and glowy.

I have actually written a fair bit since I last posted to but one thing I never seem to be able to do is actually finish anything I start to write - mostly because I have magpie-like qualities and get distracted by something new and shiny - but I have yet to abandon anything. I have a shocking number of WIPs, some of which have been in that stage for years now, and for that I apologise but it's not in my nature to leave everything else and concentrate on one thing at a time - as can be seen by my 'active' list right now. I may be slower than evolution at updating some of the stories, but I will finish them. Someday.

The active fic list?
Close Encounters of the Tenth Kind (2 7/8's done, 6 1/8 to go)
Final Straw
Off Course
Crimson Regret

Like I say, the others are not abandoned - and probably never will be - they're just not speaking to me right now.

ETA oh and I'm uploading more bikes to my I want one of those... gallery... *g*
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