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*random computer rant* and a plea for help

No you can't bloody 'send report' to Microsoft to tell them about the problem! Know why? 'Cause the laptop is not now and never has been connected to t'internet!!!


I'm having serious trouble with my laptop (and yes, it has just ended its warranty period - whoddathunk?) As well as having the crappest DVD drive known to computing kind, now the display drivers are freezing up on me. I can find all sorts of forums and chats about it online, but not one of them has any kind of advice that seems to work. Most of the time it's people tutting and saying 'having trouble with your ati2dvag driver? Join the club'... What's happening is that I'll be working on something, or watching a DVD on it, everything freezes then the screen resolution goes to less that 600x400 and an error message comes up saying the display device driver has stopped working. After every ten minutes. I have to restart every time. Which means I have gotten no further along with the vid and have seen the first ten minutes of the third episode of Blackpool about eight times so far today. (And as a result have both 'Brilliant Mistake' and 'Boy with a thorn in his side' going round and round my head...)

Figured, I'll hook up the laptop to the 'net using the broadband modem for the PC, get the drivers update and download all those lovely XP updates at the same time, of course I can't find the disk to install the bloody modem! So... I was planning this anyway but it was a long-term plan. I am going to network my PC and my laptop. I don't care about wireless, in fact I'd rather not have wireless because my neighbour's a cheapskate and will probably try to get into my network. Thing is, I know absolutely nothing about networking. Anyone out there willing to talk me through it on a 'networking for dummies' basis? Like... what kind of thing do I need to buy and where can I get it? Is it just a cable and the set up will walk me through it?

(Software I get, hardware? Nope. Complete gibberish to me.)

Or, y'know, if anyone knows of a way to fix the drivers without me connecting the laptop to anything else?

ETA so I've just bought this. It should be here by the 19th so imagine much flailing on that particular day either because it hasn't turned up or because it has turned up and I broke something trying to get it to work. :)
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