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random update

Dram has an ulcer in/on his eye which is stopping him seeing properly. My normal vet is on holiday and the intern rocks. Dram's a Westie, a vocal Westie admittedly, but still a Westie. He's not a bloody Alsation and yet my vet is scared of him. So he didn't even look at Dram's ears/eyes/nose last time I took him. This time, I said to the girl 'he's going in circles and bumping into things', she said straight away 'sounds like you have a sore eye doesn't it pup?' (talking to the dog, not me, in case you were wondering...) had some dye in his eye and was showing me this huge bright yellow lump on his eye before Dram knew what was happening. (the yellow was from the dye - I think I'd have noticed if his eye had been yellow before now...)

So we have antibiotic and anti-inflamatory eye drops for Dram and hopefully he'll be able to see again in a week or so.

Tried to get WKA updated today but my passwords have been changed and it won't let me log in. (I change my passwords regularly for the site to try to combat the hackers). I've requested a reset and got a message on screen saying 'a message has been sent to the email on record. Still waiting for it...

Posted a couple of things over the weekend - part three in my ten part crossover companions for Doctor Who. This one was Veronica Mars - Who Lives in a House Like This (spoilers for s2 of Veronica Mars). And I also posted a friends locked piece of original writing which I have no title for - here

Right, it's too hot now so I'm going to go melt quietly in the corner and finish re-reading the Krytos Trap for the zillionth time.
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