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This is my tether. I'm at the end of it

So my hosting company has again suspended my account because again it has been found to have been overloading the server as a result of malicious spam and/or phishing. In other words, I was hacked again.

I've emailed them already this morning, possibly not the wisest move because I was a little nasty to them and said I seriously questioned the security of their server since I had made no updates which would have caused this. I'm waiting to hear back from them but I'm in two minds right now whether I want to renew the site in September. It's a fair bit of money and I'm getting nothing but stress from it these days even when I think I'm on top of it. It's early, I'm sure I'll calm down a little once I've had some coffee.

The thing is though, no matter what happens next, I cannot continue to attempt the rescue of the stories on I Need a Parrot. The only way I have been able to do that is to load the whole thing - efiction script included - onto a non public part of the server and work from there. That's no longer an option.

Assuming I can, I will again download the files from the server (minus the virus/spam script of course) and save them to my computer. So here's the offer. If there is anyone out there willing to take over INAP as it is, with the efiction script, I would be happy to hand it over to you. You would need to have a fair amount of webspace available to you, PHP abilities (I was a newbie to PHP when I started it so you in no way have to be an expert) and access to a MySQL database. Leave a comment here - since my email has also been suspended, this is pretty much my only means of contact right now.

If no one wants to take it, I will start from scratch - I am happy to do that, but it means the content that was there will not return.

ETA The host has now un-suspended my account so I can definitely get the files off the server. What I'm going to do is remove every single thing from the site except for a placeholder page and see where I can go from there. Another thing I have just done is something I was toying with anyway. INAP now has a LiveJournal community as well as the Yahoo Group. You can find it here: i_need_a_parrot. At the moment it's unmoderated so anyone can join and post their fic there, it's also extremely basic right now - but I have a half day today so...

ETA 2 my work email is also down by the way, so I really am completely out of contact right now. This is such an odd feeling!
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