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*drums fingers on desk impatiently*

So I started ftp'ing the files from my server to my computer at around 2pm. It's what... just after 7 now? Still downloading the 'caps' directory - bloody screencaps taking up so much space... *g*

And I've been working on the layout for i_need_a_parrot - I'm kinda happy with it right now but I may tweak it some more over the next few days. Original coding for the layout was done by amavel_bel and posted to btvsats_layouts but I changed it quite a lot so...

Come join! New place to post Xander fanfic! The site itself will come back in a much reduced format and with less interactivity. I may be integrating the LJ Comm into the site in the future - even if it's just at the level of archiving the stories posted to the LJ on the site as HTML docs.

Any suggestions welcomed gratefully for the community! I will be instituting tags once more people join but anything else you'd like to see? Fire away!
Tags: i need a parrot, inap
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