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*more ranting*

Still no bloody email at work - apparently they wrote all the profiles to tape and now the tape driver's buggered so they can't restore the profiles. It's only affecting people who logged in before 8:30 yesterday morning, i.e. before someone in IT came in and flicked the switch (seriously, there was a server upgrade over the long weekend and the server where the profiles are stored was offline until an IT person arrived. Would have been fine if they'd told us on Thursday not to log in before 9 or whatever, but they didn't because they didn't think about it.)

Mind you, this is the same IT department who think it's a good idea to tell everyone they can log into their email... by email.

So with my moments-lost address being spotty right now - they suspend my emails when they suspend the account, they are stored and I will get them, but when I'll get them or get a chance to answer them? Your guess is as good as mine - and no work email, I am incommunicado.

On a work related front, we have a policy instituted (a good practice policy rather than a legal neccesity) to respond to queries within 3 days to allow for weekends. I last saw my email on Thursday last week. It's now Wednesday. That's a bit more than three days...

And all of the work I do is done by email, or from documents saved on my profile - what am I supposed to do today? Hell, I can't even get access to the staff printer from this semi-logged in status so I'm basically scuppered! Oh - and I just had to add this in, I was just talking to someone else in the office who's in the same situation I am and I happened to say "I can't do STN because I've no email." she then says "I've got loads of stuff I can't do with no email." That's nice. I have *nothing* I can do with no email...

Of course... I could always work on something new to post to i_need_a_parrot... write fanfic while at work? Would I do that? *g*
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