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Hang on... it's Wednesday isn't it?

Gah! I haven't even started the next Close Encounter story! I know I was late posting the latest one (had an emo attack over the weekend) but I am still aiming to have one posted every week until I hit the tenth one. Hell, I was even talking about the show I'm going to crossover with this morning! This does not bode well for me being able to sleep over the next couple of days - what with the whole redesign of the site(s) and now all this writing. Opened a blank Word doc there and instead of Close Encounters... I ended up with some relatively fluffy Faith and Giles interaction (not in a ship way!) which would potentially fit into the Final Straw 'verse but is too light for the next part (what with Faith starting to see dead people and Giles avoiding her...). So it's remaining a snippet, it'll probably end up being pinned to the FS pinboard at home and then never get used. (Yeah... I have a pinboard for Final Straw - there's one for Crimson Regret as well and the plan for Close Encounters... is stuck to my fridge with a magnet. I'm... strange).

I have what seems to me to be really good news about Dram - he flinched away this morning as I was putting the eye drops in. That's the first time he's flinched which makes me think it's the first time he's seen it, which means he's starting to see out of that eye - so yay! Puppy's getting better!

And... wait for it... I actually did some gardening last night! I've been having these odd kind of panic attacks when I go out lately and they've meant I really don't enjoy being where other people can see me - work's different somehow, it's like I'm a different me there - and that in turn has meant I've kinda... not done anything in the garden this year at all. I have a huge garden, enough to split and sell half of it to build a house on if I wanted to, and if I don't do anything it gets very jungle like. The grass is falling over under it's own weight and the raised flower beds are kinda... hidden by the weeds. I cleared half of one of the flower beds last night and my brown wheelie bin (garden rubbish) is completely full. And looking at it this morning you'd not believe anything had been done, but I know I did it. And it means when my neighbour decides to use my brown wheelie bin without asking he's going to get a bit of a shock...

Oh - and I have the cutest story! My eldest nephew was at a party somewhere near me last weekend so sister brought neice and youngest nephew to my house for the afternoon. Neice is actually pretty quiet and although she's two (and a half almost) she's lazy with her words and doesn't really talk properly yet. It's clearly her brother that's stopping that because without him around she was talking away non stop to me and killing herself laughing because I was deliberatly misunderstanding her. And then she spotted my guitar on its stand. In the past Nephew's seen the guitar and wandered up to it and plucked the strings, giggled a bit then lost interest. Neice on the other hand walked up to it, plucked the strings, was amazed by this thing and when I picked it up and played a few chords for her, she insisted on sitting on the stool and holding the guitar properly while she strummed away. (and then proceeded to drop the plectrum into the cavity, but hey, she's two...). It was absolutely adorable! Do they make miniature acoustic guitars? If so I definitely know what I'm buying for her Christmas!

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Your most popular law is:Five-day weekends
Your least popular law is:Pinky swearing equals a binding contract
Your worst enemy is:Johnny Depp - possibly hotter than you in good light
Your popularity rating is:: 80%
Your chance of being overthrown is:: 50%
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