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Yeah, I know it's not that hot in comparison with the rest of the word but 29 degrees C is just too darn warm for me. (by the way, it's 29 degrees right now, at 9pm. I have no idea what it was at noon, but it felt higher.) I'm a peely wally Scottish lassie with fair skin and hayfever. This is not a good day to be me. Oh and apparently it's going to be 21 degrees C at 1 am.

21 degrees at 1 in the morning?!!

And randomly I was thinking about my odd use of metric/imperial measurements - you guys who are in the States assume us Europeans use the metric system pretty exclusively right? I don't. No one I know does, height is still in feet and inches, weight is still in ounces, pounds and stones. But then temperature for me is predominantly in Centigrade not Farenheit. I'm odd. And too warm and my brain doesn't work in this heat...

Okay, so this makes the... what, fifth post today? I deleted my rant from first thing this morning - need to stop ranting before I've had my coffee of a morning - so I should just leave you be and go do something fun, right? Something that doesn't involve me moving out of the path of the fan currently on my mantlepiece...

Still got some Lost questions by the way *g*

*uses ironic icon in the hopes the weather might stand up and take note*

Dammit! I forgot again! Happy Birthday thedothatgirl!!!! **hugs** - been meaning to post that all day and every time I just completely blanked on it - sorry!
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