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INAP again...

I really hate using other people's code, even when I tear it apart and basically rewrite it from scratch there's always something in there determined to trip me up. And I also kinda hate the navigation strip LJ introduced. I know it's handy and I know a lot of people use it and love it (and call it 'squishy' for all I know...) but I turn it off every chance I get. Which means of course that when I redid the code and graphics for the layout over at i_need_a_parrot I didn't even think about the strip. Turns out that something in the code for the layout I had up was pushing the strip to the bottom of the pile (making it z-index:1 if you want to think of it as a div) and the graphics were covering it completely. (I also spotted a problem with page alignment when resizing the browser but no one else had brought that one up - maybe I'm the only person in the world who randomly resizes their browser window...). So the original layout with the pretty pictures is down, and I need to either rework the top banner to cut out the ovals for the links or make a brand new one before I can code up a proper layout. At the moment I've switched it to a standard Flexible Squares layout which is less than pretty but I'll be working on some code through the day - only problem with that is that I don't know the dimensions or layout of the banner yet - have I mentioned I suck at making graphics to order? They kinda morph into new and exciting shapes and sizes (and colours) while I'm making them. So any code I come up with has to be really flexible. Or maybe I should just not do any code at all today and instead get this list of Ovid journals sorted? Y'know, like actually do some work here? *g*

Still no work email but my moments-lost address seems to be fine again!

And finally - to everyone going to either WriterCon or ComicCon - I am insanely jealous of you all and wish you the very best of times. Stay safe and have a blast!

WKA - create new nominees buttons/banners.
WKA - upload CSS for the LJ comm.
WKA - remove weak PHP and JavaScripting.
INAP - create banner.
INAP - code/adapt layout.

INAP - come up with rules and post same.
Site in general - recreate subdomain directories and upload placeholders.
Stuff - take a swipe at the marketing plan thing you promised Sis you'd look at, she needs it by next Tuesday. forgot to update that - looked at it last night and all it needs is some copy editing. Score!
Writing - try to get Close Encounter 4 written.
Writing - finalise where Final Straw 3 is heading (and chose the damn song title! Spitting Games is current favourite)
Cook something proper instead of another omlette...

*edit to grumble* still no work email, and now I can't get into Front Page to update the ejournals pages. I hate FP anyway but this is beyond the joke, I can't do my job!!! I know IT are really stretched and there's only two of them up there - but that's not my problem. My problem is that I can't do my bloody job without being able to access my full profile!!!

And another edit to rant a little - I hate this! Give me my goddammed email and access to Front Page and even bloody Firefox!!! I cannot work like this, and yes I know I procastinate and avoid work when I can but this is insane! Just because I don't know the password I was never given when I started work here what... six years ago now? It was automatically set up for me so I never saw the damn password, how am I supposed to know it? Gah!
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