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DT on BBC News

David Tennant was on BBC News this morning ostensably talking about his new two-part drama 'Recovery' but they ended up asking him a lot about Doctor Who as well (including, 'you're coming back for a second season, what about a third?' his answer (paraphrased) 'I'll take it as it comes, we'll see').

Looks like this Recovery programme (about a man who suffers a serious brain injury and has to relearn how to cope) may be the reason for the beard. Which I really, really, really dislike. Makes him look cadaverous and that is not a good look on anyone! Reason I'm posting this now is that there'll be an extended version of the interview on at around 9 o'clock on the BBC Breakfast show. (And it wouldn't surprise me if there's a snippet of it on the lunchtime news).

And, more DT stuff - Granada has sold the rights to some of their mini-series to a bunch of French TV channels - Canal + has the rights to 'Secret Smile' which has a thankfully-beardless David Tennant.

Other stuff - got a new layout completed over at i_need_a_parrot. A more minimalist look this time around, more in keeping with the redesign I was going for anyway before the site went belly up. I know I keep saying this, but for anyone who's a bit unsure, the presence of the LJ comm has no impact on the site other than being an accompanying blog. The site is still coming back. I swear it.

(and I should theoretically get my work email back by this afternoon, theoretically. They rebuilt the server yesterday apparently and were less than pleased when I phoned them to say 'I'm not hassling you but I need an ETA on this.' Well, I did. Tech guy is coming in at 9 this morning (on pain of death) and should have it fixed by lunch. We'll see.)

ETA Ho hum, the one genuinely work related thing I had to do I can't do, and it's not our IT department's fault this time. Oh no, Ovid are doing something silly to their database right now in the mistaken belief that no one'll want to access it at 10.05 in the am. Or rather, this is like the middle of the night for them because they think the only people using the service work on US time zones. *sigh* So now what... No, I will not contemplate the Venn diagrams proposed elsewhere... No. I shall instead attempt to write fic. *nods* Close Encounter 4 I think. But first - tea. :)
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