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I have my work email back and managed to not be completely overwhelmed by the avalanche of emails that came in all at once! And I have Firefox back! Whoddathunk I could be this excited about something that is connected to work?

...and I forgot to make lunch before I left the house this morning and had a grand total of one pound and ten pence in my pocket. No where near enough to actually get something vaguely lunch like from the machine you might think, except that every sandwich in the thing was reduced to 90p! There's no staff on tonight (*mock glares at engelsteorra for daring to find herself a much better job away from this hellhole*) so I guess they're trying to have it empty for the weekend. *shrug* I just got a smoked salmon on malt bread sandwich for under a quid, I'm happy.

Just a shame I was strong willed and decided not to take the half day today - I compromised and am leaving at 4 instead. *g*

Oh! And Dram can balance on his hind legs again! I don't know if it's because of the arthritis or the depth perception/semi-blindness thing, but he's not been lifting both front paws off the ground at once - might not sound like a big deal, but he's a terrier, it's like their main method of getting attention - last night he decided to let me know at 3 am that he wanted out in the garden and he did it by standing on his back legs and using his front paw to scratch at my arm till I woke up (and then kept using the same paw to scratch at my legs when I was a bit slow opening the door for him...)

Huh, you know what makes for a random mix of music? Lost Prophets seguing into Ray LaMontagne. It's... different to say the least! Right - off to get Close Encounter 4 done. *nods* Hope to have it posted tomorrow and then that means I can post 5 (assuming it's written) on Thursday/Friday next week and be back on track - yay!

eta oh that was a really, really, really bad idea... I just surfed over to my melinacarniss flist (the journal I use to track communities) and I saw one of those little 'x-posted to' links to a comm I didn't know about. dw_wallpaper my graphics muse just sat up and said "Yeah, hi, remember me? Well dontcha think this would make a frelling fantastic wallpaper? And while you're at it, I have this idea for a complete season two character study scroll which would tie in perfectly with that meta essay on identity crises you're planning." *headdesk*

Just as well they never installed Photoshop on this computer because I would be working on something right now.

And whaddya know, the damn soundtrack to the vid that I can't make 'cause the laptop's still screwy just came onto my mp3 player...
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