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Um, oops.

No Close Encounter today - maybe not even tomorrow at this rate. I got distracted by a sooper sekrit project and it ate my brain. It's done now, and one of these days I'll share it with y'all (probably one of those nights when I have three beers over my sensible limit and think it'll be the coolest thing ever to post to LJ, but since the only alcohol I have in my house is some black vodka (seriously, it's black. It's very cool for certain cocktails but not much use for anything else) and some slightly elderly port (which I don't drink and never have) it won't be tonight

I think we may be likely to have a storm tonight so I'm not going to be online much longer after I post this. This may be the first Close Encounter I write by hand, or maybe I'll just sit and watch the same documentaries on Ancient Egypt I've seen hundreds of time and nitpick over the pronunciations. (It's pronounced Aak-en-aa-ten, not Aak'n-Athon).

I wish I'd burned the episodes of House I had to disk instead of just deleting them. I want to watch House now and I don't have any episodes other than the s2 finale - which is a particularly cool episode it has to be said, possibly one of the cleverest things I've seen on TV for quite a while, and is well worth rewatching, but I want to see more than just that one. I want to see the one with the nun allergic to her IUD, or the one where Dawn the girl nearly dies from a tick bite, or the one where the woman drops the baby in the bath, or the one where... I wanna see them all. And since my money got seriously fucked this month there is no way I can afford the DVDs. (Transferred money to cover a direct debit to my credit card, gave it a full six working days - loads of time - I was told the transfer had not gone through about ten minutes after my bank told me they'd bounced the direct debit, were charging me nearly £40 for that and now will have a late payment charge on my credit card as well. So because the transfer bank fucked up (I triple checked the details) I'm out of pocket at least sixty quid next month and my road tax is due at the end of August. I had been planning on buying a full twelve months tax disk but there is no way on this earth that's going to happen now.)

I want to watch House now. (and you know? No one from House is on my list for the Close Encounter series but I may just have to rethink that. Greg House meeting the Doctor. The resulting snark and pissing contest would destroy the universe.)
Tags: fic wips, random rant
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