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Shooting the messenger is a time-honored, but counterproductive, way of dealing with problems

Yeah, because the messenger is likely to bitch about you on LiveJournal.

People at work, I told you there was a problem with something someone did last night, yes that person fucked up big time, and yes I get that both of you were frustrated but lashing out at me ain't helping especially when the person who screwed up wandered in half an hour later and you said fuck all to them. They screwed up, call them on it for crying out loud!!!

And Sis? sending me an email with the subject line "What did you do?!!" is not the best way to get on my good side. What did I do? Let's see, I did all the basic research on your subject, I searched academic databases, I obtained articles and books for you on your subject, I talked you through narrowing your subject down to a manageable segment, I showed you how to reference things properly, I offered to copy edit the final text since you can't spell for crap (and yes, I know that means I'll end up writing most of it from scratch) and I've made you graphics to use as chapter headers for each part of the project. I also told you I wouldn't use Word to type within a table, I'd format an Excel doc or something similar but you insisted on Word. Now the thing on Word is not working and suddenly it's all "What did you do?!!" Pulled your ass out the fire is what I did honey, I don't expect a thanks for it but I do expect not to be jumped on when something I advised you against doing turns round and bites you.

Yeah... this'll be interesting going to therapy this afternoon. It's been four weeks, I already have issues with new therapist (she's a Freudian!!) and am determined not to cry for the full hour this time. Going in angry might help with that last part.
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