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God love you honey but...

STFU!!! You've been told you can only leave early if you get everything finished, so stop turning away from your work and get on with it! I'm doing grade 2 stuff now to try and plug the hole in this backlog of work. I've not done this stuff since Easter and before then it was years ago, I'm managing to average out around 40 journals an hour. You do this every fricking day! You should be twice as fast as me...

Oh and I could've sworn I said about 15 minutes ago "remember you're supposed to be shelving today, when there's someone else here make sure you do half an hour." There's other people here now, this is our quietest time of the day ergo they should be shelving. They're not. Now I'm really starting to remember why I jumped at the chance to switch from that crappy job to my current crappy job.

(Oh, and to the person who just left the office saying "there's no one to tell where I'm going" - I'm here! FFS!! I'm a frelling supervisor!!!)


(keeping the anger going for the therapist, trying not to talk myself out of going. That conversation is a tough one and I know it's going to be an ongoing one all the way home. Even to the point of sitting in the car park I think. It's a tough one.)
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