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Stories removed from INAP

The following is the completed list of stories removed from I Need a Parrot due to corrupted files. There are other stories where the formatting has been badly affected so they may also have to be removed at a later date. It's a long list. You will see that a lot of the stories are by the same two or three authors - the reason for that is that each author's stories are housed in a folder on the server just for them and in the case of these individuals (CaliaDragon, M McGregor and Keith being the three most prolific) the folder itself became corrupted.

I am hoping to contact all the authors affected to invite them to resubmit their stories to the site on its relaunch.

A Battle to Remember - CaliaDragon
A Dark Knight's Wrath - Kail Blade
A Few Home Truths - Keith
A Functional Level of Normality - Lorraine
A Guardian Angel - Keith
A New Destiny - CaliaDragon
A New Family for Xander Series - CaliaDragon
A New World - Keith
A Prayer For The Living - CaliaDragon
A Spander Countryside Tale - Suki Blue
A Visitation or the way that Anya got over her fear of bunnies - CaliaDragon
A Wish For Place - CaliaDragon
Across the Street - emmy7792
Actions & Consequences - Keith
All Hallowed Series - CaliaDragon
An Exiled Scooby - Dragonhulk
Andrew's Shadow - Pishade
AtS/BtVS Challenge - CaliaDragon
Beloved - Malihini
Bridges - Tassos
Broken - CaliaDragon
Brotherly Love - CaliaDragon
Changed - Buffygirl43
Chaos Solidified - Lochar
Children of the Evolution - Simone of the Zordiak
Christmas Love Series - CaliaDragon
Connections - CaliaDragon
Darkness In Their Hearts - kat8cha
Deep Water - claudia6913
Demons Are My Business - sistercuervo
Disco Leads To Something Interesting - CaliaDragon
Distractions - Kaz
Domestic Bliss: Twenty and a Half Ficlets - beetle
Drabbles for Open_On_Sunday - spikedluv
Element's Children - Blue Phoenix
Eyelashes - Kaz
Faith/Xander Friendship Challenge - CaliaDragon
Faith: the Series - Keith
Fate, Love and Parenthood - Sandra D
Father's Day - nemo_gravis
FFA Entires - CaliaDragon
First Days - CaliaDragon
Flash-Bang - Francis Eugene
Four Joined Souls - CaliaDragon
From Out of Nowhere - Suki Vlue
Get Out - CaliaDragon
Ghosts of the Past - Simone of the Zordiak
Girl!Xander Challenge - Marie_Jayn18
Graduation - black_rose23
Hellraiser: The Angels Beneath - Suki Blue
Hidden in the Past - Lucinda
How To Date A Vampire - Suki Blue
Immortal Knight - pixel
In Their Shadow - Smeghead
It Had To Be Done - Keith
It's a Frog - Lucinda
It's All Relative - AriChanda
It's Buffy - Mike
Just Dance - Suki Blue
Just Us - Suki Blue
Justice Served - CaliaDragon
Ladies' Night - Lucinda
Living History - Lizbeth Marcs
Love Chain - Suki Blue
Lover's Reciprocation - M McGregor
Mourning - CaliaDragon
My LJ 300 Xander Stories - CaliaDragon
No Regrets - Buffygirl43
Nowhere's Now Here - hold_that_thought
Peanut Butter and Polka Dots - Buffygirl43
Provocative - Buffygirl43
Puzzled: A Very Confusing Spander Bad!fic - Suki Blue
Rewards - M McGregor
Road to Redemprion: Series One - monet599
Roman Holiday - nemo_gravis
Sharing - Kaz
Shattered Hearts - CaliaDragon
She's Gone - Keith
Slay Hard - M McGregor
Soliloquy - Invisionary
Somewhere Out There - Buffygirl43
Starting Over - Keith
Strong Enough - Buffygirl43
Sunnydale Berzerker - Miklos
Sunrise - Pishade
Tainted Love - Keith
Teamwork - Buffygirl43
Ten Things that Never Happened To Xander - Simone of the Zordiak
The ABC's of Lube - spikedluv
The Connected Series - M McGregor
The Continuously Evolving Relationship of Xander Harris and the Vampire Known as 'Spike' - spikedluv
The Fishbowl Series - redjacobson
The Gemini - Simone of the Zordiak
The Hunt for the Chraka Rathklo - Airawyn
The Paladin Project - Keith
The Prices We Pay - Paradign Shifter
The Strength Behind an Enemy - CaliaDragon
The Transportation Series - CaliaDragon
The Vampire's Heir - sistercuervo
The Watcher: Season 2 - gumboy
The Women Suck Series - spikedluv
The Xander Halloween Drabble/Short Story Collection - Simone of the Zordiak
The Zeppo In Mind - M McGregor
Thinker, Slayerr, Soldier, Hy(ena) - M McGregor
Three Slayers - Keith
Thursday Night Kitten Poker - Theda Bara
Touched - M McGregor
Troubled Thoughts - Buffygirl43
Types - kat8cha
Unabashedly Yours - Buffygirl43
Weapon X - Dragonhulk
Wishes Are Bad - CaliaDragon
Wood? He's A Dreamboat - Keith
Xander Challenges DUH - CaliaDragon
Xander Craving - CaliaDragon
Xander Gets Magic Cure - CaliaDragon
Xander Snippets - CaliaDragon
Xander vs Dracula - M McGregor
Xander's Coming Home - CaliaDragon
Xander's Love and Adventure - Calia Dragon
Xander's New Life - CaliaDragon
You Can't Go Home Again - Paradox761
You gott love Ed - Morte_pinile

I'm going to be removing the category for 'off-site fanfiction' because it's actually more trouble than it's worth to maintain it. Current stories listed under that category are:

Devil's Dance - Terion
Blood Allegiances - Terion
SE1: A Sympathetic Ear - Paradox761
SE2: Back to the Uncharted Territories - Paradox761
SE3: Enter the Cleavage - Paradox761
SE4: Chasing Aeryn - Paradox761
The End - Paradox761
Every Dog Has His day - annaluna
Destiny's Choice - Bastard Snow
Knight's Chosen - Bastard Snow

(and yes, this is a slightly more formal-language post than my normal rambling, I'm aware some people surf by here looking for updates on INAP so this is addressed to those people as well. so I don't scare them away with my random ranting)

Thank you to those who volunteered by the way - I'll be emailing you tonight!
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