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Ever have those days when you wake up with a story almost fully formed in your head and it feels like all you have to do is sit down and write it? I do. And when I ignore it because I have other things to focus on it starts to haunt me and I start hearing the dialogue in my head.

Guess what happened this morning? I haven't started writing it yet because I want to get the issues with INAP sorted first but after waking horribly early (3.30 in the morning. Fully awake, no hope of getting back to sleep.) and having a few more thoughts about the site (by the way, there's a poll - go vote please) I got into the car to drive to work, and after a little flaffing about* I got underway and a song I've not heard for a while came on the radio. Athlete. Half Light. Which is now so perfect for the bloody story that was already in my head that it's now the title of said story and is mocking me by running through my head saying "Write it, write it, write it!" all the while laughing at my inability to remember the third line of the chorus - "When I see you next, we'll make the most of it.//Tell the sun to start moving again//???????")

So yeah, despite my aims of having two Close Encounter stories posted tonight, I think this new story (one shot, short - hopefully) will melt my brain if I don't get it written...

* the 'flaffing about' involved me realising I'd left the window wide open all night and that as a result my car was full of flying insects. Including a daddy-long-legs. Of which I am near-phobic. Yeah, that was fun, no really.
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