the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Dram's still got the ulcer in his eye but the vet (original guy's back) says it is looking like it's getting better so we have more antibiotic eye drops and some artificial tears to keep his eye from drying up. And a cone. I'm now moving absolutely everything away from his level because he is just bumping into every single thing right now... it's almost funny.

And I completely forgot, my village is desperately looking for ways to attract visitors and bring some money into the place. Which is actually a good thing because one of the initiatives was to turn us into 'Scotland's Craft Town' which means we now have a whole range of galleries up and down the main street (unlike every other town/village in the area which has a whole range of charity shops lining the main street). Anyway, point is, someone on the community council was on holiday in some English village a few years ago and saw one of those quirky 'festivals'. This person came back up to our village and said, "Hey, wouldn't this be a great idea?"

And so was born the now annual Scarecrow Festival. It's actually pretty successful and is quite a lot of fun - all the local shops make a scarecrow to display for a full week from today onwards and a lot of homeowners do as well. The highlight though is the local kids all dress up and parade around the village. Nephew and niece did it last year and looked absolutely adorable, I think all three are doing it this year as well. It starts at one and if I get the house dog-proofed in time I'm going to head along to see them.

Everything fandom-related is on hold for this weekend by the way, I've been working away behind the scenes on the sites and am starting to resent them a little so I'm stepping back to give myself a breather. I know that sounds insane since there doesn't seem to be anything to show for it yet right now but there you go.

'Scuse me while I go look for something to wear that won't make the judges think I'm entering the dress-up contest...
Tags: fandom, real life
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