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Woe is me

Top Gear is finished until the Autumn. *sigh* No more drooling over pretty cars which Sis will then bitch at me for calling 'pretty' ("Cars can't be pretty, Shona" "Have you seen the Koenigsegg CCX, Sis? Or the McLaren SLR? Take a look and tell me again that cars can't be pretty..." *g*)

What am I going to do on Sunday nights now my car pr0n is gone?!

Speaking of pr0n... and be aware this message may self-destruct within 24 hours.... I wrote pr0n. Femslash pr0n no less. First ficlet/vignette I ever wrote was femslash Mara/Iceheart so this was kinda back to my writing roots in a way. I posted it last Saturday and this is the sooper sekrit project I was talking about last week. It's posted under a pseudonym which I'm reticent to share because part of the reason I wrote under a pseudonym was to see what people really thought of it without knowing it was me writing and I may use it again for another project that's on my mind (m/m slash, DW verse).Last week's fic is on a BtVSverse community and is Faith/Kennedy. If you want to find it you probably can but it is pr0n, and femslash, it may offend if you are so inclined so please, only go looking for it if you're not going to be offended by that.

Right, I should go eat something since I have to be up for work in approximately 8 hours. *nods*
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