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I have an insanely bad headache right now, like crushing. I think it's a pressure thing - weather reports warned there might be thunderstorms so hopefully we will have those storms and it'll clear both the air and my headache...

So anyway - new week, new start on things. Fingers crossed INAP will be re-opening this week, it's almost complete - just the new skin to load and the new pages and it'll be all set to go. Apologies for it taking so long to get back up online but I've been doing everything I can to make sure it is as safe as it can possibly be and as user-friendly as possible. Once that's done I can move onto the other sites on the domain and do a feasability study on relaunching them as well.

It's also been an odd week at work, the other grade 3 in the serials department (who is a grade 4 for part of the week as maternity cover) has been on leave and I've been covering her job and fighting the backlog in the department. My day has been full but it's making me realise just what a waste of time my own job is. I was getting my work done *and* most of hers *and* a lot of the grade 2 stuff as well. Why are there two of us at this grade in the department? One of us doesn't need to be here.

Ah well, I'm going to go pull together the bits of dialogue that have been haunting me over this weekend and hopefully I should have a story by the end of it all. And then the characters can leave me alone. (Like that's ever going to happen...)

Randomly - I decided yesterday that I am definitely doing NaNoWriMo again this year and I know exactly what I'm going to be writing. Not fanfiction, although that might end up being easier, and not a continuation of Between Lies and Dreams although I will finish that story at some point. This year's going to be a real life study, nothing supernatural, no fantasy elements.I want to flesh out the concept before I share it, and in fact I will probably post that to my marajaded_nanosomething worth writing journal instead of here. I know, end of July is probably a little early to be planning NaNoWriMo but last year suffered from lack of planning which is why it got abandoned in the second week, so I figure, as long as I don't actually write anything then putting together a pinboard for it won't particularly be a bad idea.

'kay I'm off to procastinate some more until the boss comes in. :)
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