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Voting's open

Voting's open for that graphics contest I was wibbling about last night. It's a Doctor Who wallpaper community but you don't have to be a member to vote so... take a look at the entries and cast your vote here (vote for first and second place in the same poll, not like doofus me who hit vote too early...)

There are some really good designs in there, mine is not the best, but it's not out of place (I'm neither fishing for compliments nor blowing my own trumpet, by the way!) The one I entered was actually not the one I was working on randomly over the weekend and I'm sort of glad I didn't enter that one (it's not completed but I might end up finishing it anyway) because it's strikingly similar to someone else's entry ('cept theirs is better than my unfinished one!)

I should explain what the challenge was: the design had to incorporate at least one Doctor and one companion, and the only colours allowed were black and white and one other colour of the artist's choice. Shades of grey and that other colour were acceptable. And the tricky part (for me anyway) was to have the words 'time' and 'lord' legible on the wallpaper.

So yeah, I'll stop wibbling now and look forward to the next challenge. :)
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