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Y'all know by now that my dad died of cancer. He died in a hospice/cottage hospital in Cupar, Fife. I remember the nurse there - a male nurse - telling me and my sister that there was nothing more they could do, and that they would make my dad comfortable and make sure he had everything he needed.

I remember my mum telling me that the same nurse sat with my dad overnight as he died.

I don't remember his name.

Part of me wishes I did because then I would have someone I could thank, someone I could talk to, but the simple fact of the matter is I don't. And it doesn't matter. Not really. That nurse, that man, was dedicated to his job, he cared enough to stay with my dad as his condition worsened even though his shift was over.

That's why I support Macmillan nurses, even though I don't know if the nurse in Cupar was a Macmillan nurse, that's why I support the NHS staff with every fibre of my being. Nurses are so poorly paid for the job they do in this country and yet they do their jobs and so much more.

I'm turning off comments by the way, I don't want hugs or affirmation, I want you to thank the nurse next time you have a blood test or a check up, or whatever it is you have done. Thanks is not enough, but it's a start.

ETA as part of the current campaign, Macmillan are trying to highlight the crippling costs patients have to pay after diagnosis, the travel costs involved in getting to and from treatment can be so high that they may preclude people from seeking life-saving treatment. I just took thirty seconds to email the MSPs and MPs from my area and within a minute I had this response:

Thanks for the message. I have written to the Health Minister, Andy Kerr, about this, and will copy you the letter which I have received in reply.

Murray Tosh

I know this is a semi-automated response that Murray Tosh probably hasn't seen yet, but I also know as a letter writer for Amnesty International since 1987 that this can make a difference. And kudos to Murray Tosh's staff for replying so quickly. The affirmation this gives is amazing.
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