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Procrastinating and pimping

Took the afternoon off, picked up the new dose of eyedrops from the vet and then... procrastinated all day. And watched House. And only about ten minutes ago picked up a notepad and pen and started writing some dialogue for Half Light (should I be worried that I found it really, really, really easy to get into Jack Harkness's head?!) Anyways, real point of this post is to pimp!

invisionary is looking for interest in a Willow/Xander ficathon along the lines of the 'Old Friends With Indiscretions' one he ran last year. Interested? I know I am! Go here and have your say!

And also for Willow fans... dragonydreams and kallie_kat have set up the whichwillow ficathon - go! Sign up! Any pairing, following the prompts given (and there are some doozies that make me wish I had a better Willow voice!), what are you waiting for? Go! Sign up!

And one other thing I would love to pimp but since it's a flocked post I won't say anything other than *someone* on my flist just got me to sit through an Erasure song without my brain melting out of my ears because of the perfectness of the accompanying vid.

Right, off now to list all the things I didn't do today...
update WKA nominees
post new nominations post for WKA...
colour hair...
eat properly...
write...(until the last few minutes)
anything productive at all...
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