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Stupic plastic piece of crap!!!

okay, so it's not plastic but the line felt good to say!

Something's up with my work email and of course the IT guys won't answer any calls till 9 o'clock which means that the 2 fics I forwarded to myself to read this morning before I started as well as the next-to-final draft of WaDaDM 4 are sitting on some stupid server somewhere and not in my inbox where they should be.

Stupid plastic piece of crap! Now I've got to actually do work before the boss arrives - what's up with that? Plus it's *so* hard to avoid the spoilers for last nights Angel ep at the moment - I knew it would be and I thought I was prepared but every single email list I'm on decided to explode in bouts of either fury at what happened, joy that they pulled it out of the fire, or fits of "meh"

I won't get to even attempt to get hold of it until tonight and I get the feeling there's going to be high demand for it so I might not even get it till the weekend!

On the plus side, one thing I did manage to get hold of yesterday was a copy of Celeste in the City - I know it's lame, but hey - it's Nick Brendon with bad hair clapping his hands and saying "Project!" where's the bad?! (oh yeah, the hair, and the sweaters, and the Majandra Delfino... forget I asked!)
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