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should've eaten something to soak up that wine last night

horribly hungover and don't deserve sympathy so :p

had to get up to take Dram for a checkup - he doesn't need operation yay! The pain pills are slowing the eye healing thing so he's not to get any of them for a while, woe. If he's sore he's to get human medicine. Srsly - tagamet for his stomach lining and asprin for the pain.

should be making final checks and changes and making big site announcement today, procrastinating instead.

Guillemots album (Through the Window Pane) is so fucking gorgeous - everyone should buy it now.


I lied - more randomosity - the mood theme thing isn't done yet, so it's going on the defaults it has. How come 'drunk' and 'groggy' are the same? Is that like some conspiracy 'cause I would tend to make 'drunk' a more exhuberant type thing, not the mean drunk that LJ thinks it is. Maybe it's going back to what I said about cultural differences in alcohol - one nation's alcoholic is another nation's social drinker...
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