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INAP Announcement

As you will no doubt be aware, INAP has not been online for some time now. The site was repeatedly targeted by hackers who manipulated a weakness in the code to carve out a ‘back door’ access to the server on which the site was hosted. After the final attack at the start of June 2006 the entire site was removed from the server, thoroughly evaluated and recoded.

The weaknesses have now been removed and the site is as secure as is physically possible.

While the site was offline, we took the opportunity to make some long overdue changes. Stories are now listed by ‘genre’ categories as well as by pairing which should make things a lot easier to find. It is possible to list a story under more than one category, so when you add a new fic or edit an existing one, think about where it really belongs and put it in the proper category or categories.

There are currently 293 stories on the site with no listed categories. It would be a good idea for the authors of these stories to fix that so that more people can find their work

As a result of the repeated attacks and abuse of the site, we have taken the decision to move the site to moderation. This means that when you submit a story to the site, it will be evaluated to make sure it complies with the site rules before the moderation team allow it on the site. The moderation team consists of OtherCat, Nemo Gravis and Mara. Decisions taken by the team are not made lightly and are binding.

Thank you all for the support you continue to give the site, and we look forward to reading more of your stories soon.

mara_shoMara, nemo_gravisNemo Gravis and othercatOtherCat

(cross-posted to the i_need_a_parrot community, please feel free to let anyone you think would want to know about this, know about this.)

The site can be found at the same location as before - - but be aware that the archive has been moved to a more secure folder and as such any story-specific bookmarks you may have are no longer valid.)
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