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At work

Since the flu thing has now turned into a sinus-based cold type thing (ie I'm no longer so feverish and achey, instead I'm just sneezing constantly) I ventured into work. No one has checked the shared emails, the head of the department seems to be under the illusion that I'm his lapdog who knows the answer to everything instantly and is ratty that I haven't answered an email he sent on Tuesday to the shared email address. It's Thursday and I wasn't here. The fact that the other four people who have access to the email account hadn't bothered to check it is not my problem.

I feel awful, yesterday I was actually thinking "I'm a malingerer, I should be at work." now that I am at work, I can barely keep my eyes open against the urge to sneeze, my nose is running like a tap, my throat is killing me and I'm already nearly finished the box of tissues on my desk.

I'm taking a half day and if I don't get that half day I'm going home sick. To hell with the damn points rating system thingy that counts the number of times I've been off sick.


ETA Yay!

I have a half day today and all day off tomorrow, I can go home and feel like crap in my own house! And I can make icons and graphics, and work on pointless nostalgic and work on the fic I want to work on and possibly engage in the debate over brown/blue when it comes to suits... *g*

new season three DW pics have been released - here if you've somehow managed to miss the news. Not sure about the blue myself... but hell, it's not the wrapping that counts is it? (btw, shouldn't have to say it but I will anyway - that link has season three spoilers...)

Y'know how I finished the claim for 100days100icons for Impossible Planet/Satan Pit icons? Well I went and signed up for another episode - Tooth and Claw this time. And I also signed up for doctorwholims as well - expect much flailing on my part if I get through to the next round! And... I feel like I've been neglecting my BtVS/AtS/Firefly icons and it turns out that the entry I've made for this week's DW LIMS is actually akin to the 'one per episode' plan I had a while ago which I may have to start up again. So that's what.... around three hundred icons just for that, then the 100 for Tooth & Claw and the wallpaper for the dw_wallpaper second challenge (Final Stories - I'm having a tough time narrowing it down to one character) and then anything else that catches my magpie like eye... Oh - how could I have forgotten!? I also signed up for liz_marcs's Dark!Xander ficaton! I have two bunnies nibbling at me for that one - both set during the show but at different times. I must get something finished for that one (still feeling guilty about not having finished the Africander fics yet...)
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