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So there are some real wiseasses wits on my flist and I thought, since this has been dumped on my lap, I'd dump it on yours ask for your input...

Freshers' Fair is coming up and we have zero budget apparently, so we're coming up with stuff we can do on the cheap/for free to give to the blaggers wide-eyed new students as they embark on their exciting new life at uni... We're making an 'emergency pack' for them (tea bags, sweets, hangover remedies (but not the actual pills...) that kind of thing) and I'm in charge of designing the contents including the 'pre-written first postcard home' which is a good idea, and will work really well if I can clean up the crap text I've been given to put on it. I've been given free reign to 'sort out the wording' and I plan to stretch that to the limit and basically re-write the whole damn thing, only thing is, I draw a blank every time I look at it so.... help?

What I have to work with:

Dear Mum/Dad/All,

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that I'm having a great time/barely surviving/on the next train home…

Glasgow is such a thrilling/terrible/weird place.

The people here are so friendly/welcoming/strange.

From the moment I arrived it has been drizzling/raining/a virtual monsoon, but the locals keep telling me it will clear up tomorrow…

Spent yesterday in the library/the union/bed, getting some reading done/beers in/sleep after a few late nights.

Can't wait for the first class/next happy hour/Christmas holidays.

Got to go, I just heard my crazy flatmate arrive/someone say 'isn't it your round?'/a police siren…

Love, _________________

It's intended to be a 'delete as appropriate' thing which works in theory but in reality? This is not good... any suggestions?

and... hangover cures? That are legal?

ETA just realised, some of you might not have a clue what the hell Freshers' Fair is or why I'm involved. Y'know that opening montage in the BtVS episode "The Freshman" where Buffy gets inundated with fliers and hand outs and gets lost trying to find where to get her id card? Well I'm going to be one of the people handing out leaflets and stuff on behalf of the uni library. Don't think any of the new students are going to be bamboozled Slayers though...

second edit I was supposed to be doing this thing in conjunction with someone else who told everyone she was getting one of the much coveted licenses for Photoshop in the library. That's now backfired on her and she aint getting Photoshop so... now she's no longer having anything to do with the design stuff? So wtf is she doing apart from sitting in that meeting today and agreeing with the convener in their bitching that they didn't want to do the FF this year. So why the hell are they doing it? It's not like we're in high school, extra-curricular activities won't give you an edge in this place... If they don't want to be doing it (and are doing bugger all anyway) then they should hand it over to me, Bob and Harry who *do* want to be doing this. Well, Bob and I do. Not sure about Harry but he's more enthusiastic about it than the two 'senior' staff involved. Oh, and all the work I'm doing on it - the postcards, the design stuff, is all on my own time because the convener and my boss are bestest buddies and since W isn't doing anything during work hours then my boss clearly thinks I shouldn't be either....
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