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Don't forget the lyrics challenge - some of you will be kicking yourself when you see the answers...

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Randomly the department seems to be caught up with itself workwise. I don't think there's a single backlog in the main department at all and people are actually looking for things to do by the end of the day. This is probably the first time it's been like this for years (and the pessimist in me is thinking that there's something major we've forgotten to do and it'll come round and bite us next week...). The other Serials supervisor is on leave this week so I'm doing most of her job as well as my own and actually managing to fill out my day for a change, the downside of that means that the writing I would normally manage to get done in the quiet periods is not getting done. The ideas are starting to mutate in the back of my brain, probably won't take long until they organise a mutiny against me and take control... :)

So yeah, things at work are steady and by the time I get home I'm too knackered to do anything fandom related so I'm being a little on the quiet side with new projects or updating older ones. I'm not bowing out of anything, just... slowing down. I've hit that semi-regular state of ennui where I recognise I'm in a rut and vow to fix it and then... do nothing about it. The work I'm doing for the Freshers' Fair is reawakening the marketing whore in me (and the customer service junkie will be waking up in September I have no doubt!) and the design elements and general 'pimp' attitude of it all is again making me question just what the hell I'm doing sitting in this godawful dank little room for eight hours a day staring at Excel spreadsheets and trying not to remember the kid who told the careers adviser that working in an office would be the last thing she would do...

Oh - question for the artistically minded of you. The designs I've been doing for the Freshers' Fair are Pop Art, heavily biased towards Lichtenstein it has to be said, now it turns out that we might not be able to print them in colour so I'm going to have to come up with alternates which'll work in black and white. I still want to go down the Pop Art route though, so... suggestions? (If it comes to us having to use the monochrome alternates, we have the option of using coloured paper and we do have some primary colours, acid greens/yellows and bright pinks etc) ETA okay, so I did a bit of searching on my own to see if I could get some inspiration and I think I love this guy. Especially that Scarface one? Just... wow!
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