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My laptop, she is broken...

or at least, not working right now for some reason... Brought it in today to get some of the stuff done for the Freshers' Fair, plugged it in, switched it on, heard it try to start up, saw the power light go on, saw a couple more lights and saw nothing on the screen...

Anyone know more about hardware than me able to tell me if there's an obvious place to look for a loose connection?

ETA googled around a few techie support forums, my laptop is a Toshiba Satellite which - as well as having the crappest DVD drive known to computing kind - apparently has a common problem of the display not working because of two things. One, the connector cable is too short so it pops out after opening and closing the top a few times, and Two, the inductor thingy that lights the plasma burns out. Either way it's going to be a repair I'm not comfortable doing myself and the warranty's up so it'll cost more than I can afford right now. So I guess I'm without the laptop for a while then.
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