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Okay, UK documentaries? Even the bad ones Scottish history has no relevance to UK history according to an astonishingly popular documentary presenter - are about a million times better than the average US one. I've been watching the run on National Geographic "Secrets of the Bible" and good grief could it be any more melodramatic?

Fine, so they're looking at whether the book of Revelation can be read literally or symbolically and therefore there is going to be a fair bit of drama there... but the script of this? Sucks. It's written entirely in bullet points - each of which have exclamation points at the end of it. I have a sneaking suspicion this is done because of the number of ad breaks which could conceivably be inserted in this show - in the UK there is actually legislation to limit the length of time ads can fill in an hour of television (it used to be eight minutes, but I think it might have gone up to twelve now), that means that in an hour long documentary there are three breaks, so the presenter/pundit has twenty minutes to get the point across and can then end on something with an exclamation point which will lure the viewer back from making the tea...

This programme is annoying me so much now that I think I want to watch a cheesy film. Help me choose from this list?


(I have a lot more, but those ones are jumping up and down on my bookcase trying to get my attention...)

strike that - just turned round and spotted the shelf with the boxed sets on it. Indiana Jones here I come!

eta ...okay... so I switched on my DVD player and SWAT was in there. I haven't watched it for months, is it trying to tell me something?
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