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S.W.A.T. ficlet

Okay, so guess what film I ended up watching? And it prompted ficlet writing... maybe I should watch more BtVS/AtS/Firefly/DW so that I write that again?

I honestly don't know why I felt compelled to write this, it's Chris Sanchez's POV and I'm not a particular fan of either Chris Sanchez or Michelle Rodriguez so it's probably a little tainted because of that. Set at the end of the film S.W.A.T. so if you've not seen the film, this will make no sense to you whatsoever.

Standard disclaimer applies - not mine, never will be, just playing in this sandbox for a while. (Oh, and I have no idea what Sanchez's kid is called, she looked like a Lola to me...

She could not deny there was an attraction there. The danger, the lure of the forbidden - all of it drew her in hook, line and sinker. She also knew there was nothing more to it than attraction. Resting against the truck she ignored the dull ache that spread from her arm right the way across her chest (her heart) and watched as they took him away.

It wasn't even about him, because he clearly was not her 'type' - too self-assured, too cocky (too much like her) - no, it was the power that lured her. The possibility.

And, if she were honest, it was a little bit about the money.

She knew deep down she would never have done it, could never have done it, but watching him walk away like that? Made her wish she had. Maybe…

A pat on her good arm and she was back in the game, but just for that second…

Chris pulled out the picture she always carried no matter what. Lola's innocent smile always made her ask what it was she had done to deserve such a great kid. She traced her finger across the simulacrum of her daughter's face. She deserved so much more than a mom who might not come home from a bad shift. A mom who got pulled away from her birthday party. She deserved to have the best money could buy, and that was the real kicker. That was the one reason Chris had for even considering taken the Frenchman up on his offer. To give Lola what she deserved.

She heard a voice, full of love, and turned to see Deke talking on the phone - he had kids, how come he never wavered?

She sighed. Hondo was right, this wasn't a job - it was a calling. But the pay sucked.

And then the call came in. Focused once more, she knew this was where she belonged, she knew Lola was taken care of - would be taken care of - no matter what. Hondo was right, this was a calling and her doubt had just been a test of that.

She leaned forward to join in the planning session and could only hope she'd passed the test.

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