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I spam a lot on this thing don't I?

I done made a wallpaper last night - but realised that I'd already posted three times yesterday so I didn't post it here (season three DW casting spoilers by the way). Maybe if I didn't make multiple posts here I'd actually get something productive done, hell word countage alone I could have finished Final Straw two months ago... If I hadn't, y'know, started flailing about the potential for slipping into character bashing in the fic and frozen up. And hell, how can a story be about Xander when he's only made cameo appearances in all three parts so far? If someone other than me had written this and submitted it to INAP, it'd be knocked back for that. Probably. *flails*

And then there's the Dark Xander fic, I had a plan last week, I was in a bolshie mood on Friday and spent the entire day actively not working (multiple absences meant people assumed I would cover their asses for them) and instead I wrote a long plan for a story which could work (and which is heavily inspired by an avenue I considered exploring back in the _end_of_days days (the Vi story, not the Nhamo one - for those of you who followed that RPG). And now looking at it all I can see is cliché writ large. So it's back to the drawing board, except the drawing board is staying resolutely blank now and taunting me with the fact that if I would stop over-thinking it then I could do it. I am severly lacking in inspiration now, I'd like to explore the possibilities of Xander being backed into a corner and having no choice - but being cognicent of his actions - but the simple fact of the matter is I can't bring myself to conjure up a situation where he would act so basically out of character. Yes, Xander could be a bastard, his words were as much weapons as they were jests, but actually acting out in a dark way? The situation(s) that would trigger that are eluding me right now. (Or at least ones which don't result in a simple 'vengeance seeking' fic are.)

So I'm scuppered right now, flailing about on here instead of forcing myself to write something - anything. Maybe I should write the cliché story, maybe being aware that it is a cliché would help? What is it Pratchett said, "clichés become so because they are the hammer and nails of communication", oslt. Or maybe I should just shut down the computer, grab a notepad and go write emo poems on a beach somewhere. Live the cliché.

Good grief that got a little emo there didn't it? *sigh once more* anyone have any ideas/bunnies for Dark!Xander that they're willing to give up for adoption, I'm all ears - check out the post over at pygs_lj for those already posted (I'm tempted by 4thdixiechick's scenario but when I put further thought into it all I'm getting is, yup, you guessed it, cliché. (Not the idea itself, but my execution of the idea.) I should stop kidding myself that anything I write is going to be 'original' really, I should learn to embrace the cliché.

Ficathon pimping - Rose Tyler Ficathon (the one that's turned out to be 'shippy' above all else); the other Rose Tyler one (which is a gen post-Doomsday one, which if I would consider entering if I could actually write anything at all right now); Old Friends With Indescretions - II Willow/Xander ficathon; and of course theDark!Xander Ficathon which is a promptless ficathon open to all.

Oh! Almost forgot, smhwpf, I never did send this on to you did I? Plagiary: Cross-disciplinary studies in plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification - that journal we talked about a few months ago. It's on Directory of Open Access Journals now so it's freely available to everyone.

Heh! ETA monkey_matt and I have been brainstorming about the Dark!Xander thing, I think I summed up my problems with this little comment: "Why are all the good stories already written?!" *g* Although - thank you Monkey!
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