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So my good mood and improved attitude has not faded over the weekend. I have learned an important thing about myself however, I am exceptionally unfit. Yes, I did all that training for the run (which I did enjoy doing) but that training pretty much consisted of me walking/running and stretching my leg muscles.

Bouncing apparently uses different muscles. Ones which were complaining loudly the next day. So I did a bit of light aerobics, a bit of Yogic stretching and feel pretty darn good about myself. And I'll be bouncing again. Definitely.

Have I really had an epiphany?

I've been kinda off the computer all weekend by the way - so I am really behind on comments and on my flist - sorry for that! mirabehn sorry I missed your birthday yesterday! I hope you had a wonderful time!

Speaking of birthdays, it's eldest Nephew's on Tuesday. He's going to be four. It's scary how fast those four years have gone by! And you know what I did? I done made him a TARDIS cake!! I've only just finished it, the painted on blue food colouring is still wet (and is all over my fingers too). I really wish I could find my digital camera so I could show it to you guys, I'm decidedly chuffed with myself. It's obviously homemade, and if I ever do it again I'll make two cakes that size and make it a sandwich 'cause it's a little on the thin side, but damn, it turned out really well!


One more semi-useless skill I've just discovered! (I'm not putting myself down, honest, but how often am I likely to be making/decorating TARDIS birthday cakes? *g*)

eta changed the icon to show off the 'prize' I won from monkey_matt for being a Star Wars geek. *g*)

d'oh, second edit! totally forgot I hadn't posted the link here - more Doctor Who wallpapers, this time made for 'widescreen' monitors (1280x800) here (includes a version of the season three casting one I posted here the other day)
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