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What do new students really need/want to know?

In my never-ending quest to come up with something that isn't half-inched from some church or from some other uni somewhere, I'm compiling some 'handy guides' for newbie students. So far I've got:
10 ways to get over a hangover
10 things Google won't tell you (monkey_matt's suggestion)
10 ways to make Baked Beans more interesting

and that's it. So... what do new fresh-faced (at least for the first few days) students really need to know? (that would make for a funny top ten guide...)

(oh - and there's been an update to INAP, if anyone spots anything funky with the site can you let me know? Cheers!)

ETA I can beat up my CD player if it's the only piece of Sony electronic equipment I have, right? It's still jumping on me and driving me nuts... Seriously, Sao Paulo is weird enough as it is without skipping...
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