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Bloody call centres...

Yesterday at lunch I heard one of the girls take a call for me at the main enquiry point. I have my own phone number here so when this person called the other line and asked for me by name it was a little odd. Since I was on lunch, the girl asked the person to call back in an hour.

They didn't.

Today, monkey_matt just transferred a call to me from someone asking for me by name. It was a guy who spoke *really* fractured English and it took me about five times saying "what's this about? I have no idea who you are? What company are you from?" to work out he was calling me about my credit card. My 'Virgin' credit card. Seriously, I have no idea what he was saying but it sure as hell didn't sound like 'Virgin' to me...

I said, "I'm sorry, I can't talk about this at work, can you call me at home later on?"
He replied, "My name is John *fake English surname*, I'm calling from *something that in no way resembled the word 'Virgin'*, can you verify the first line of your address?" (can you tell he was reading from a script yet, and there is no chance in hell his name actually was John?)
Me: "No, I can't talk about this here. You will have to call me at home later."
Him: "My name is..."
Me: "My home number is XXXX XXXXXX, call me after half six tonight."
Him: "For security purposes can you verify the first line of your address?"
Me: *fuming and thinking what part of 'I can't talk about this at work' isn't he getting?!* "Bye." *hangs up*


Call centres... I don't normally have a problem with call centres outside of the UK, it doesn't bug me, the work is horrible and the centres in Bangladesh are willing to do it so more power to them, but between this guy and the 'Sarah' woman who called a few weeks ago from Palgrave Macmillan publishers and who spoke even worse English than 'John'? I'm seriously thinking about changing my opinions...

When a bank calls your place of work looking for you, they normally ask if it's convenient for you to talk, right? I'm in an open plan office, I don't want to discuss my credit card account where everyone can hear it, plus, I'm supposed to be working here not conducting my own financial business...

... and I have actually just remembered that I'm taking Dram back for another check up tonight. Vet surgery hours are 6-7. I'm probably not going to be in to take that call. Crap.

Ah well, guess I'll have to phone them myself during lunch then.

....and.... jgracio pointed me towards an interesting meta essay on Supernatural vs BtVS in terms of the representation of females in genre shows (BtVS as female empowerment, SPN as a return to the pre-BtVS status quo) which I haven't read in-depth 'cause I want to see the whole of the first season before I do, but it's put my meta hat on again. I think I may have the new project I told myself I didn't need.
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