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Aw man!

This show is not losing any of its appeal for me (even with the arc becoming more arc-y, which is where other shows can lose it) and I'm scared at how easily I'm hearing dialogue in my head. Seriously, I have a notebook with me all the time anyway, but one filled with snippets of fic ideas and dialogue for a show I've only seen nine episodes of? Bit freaky really. Especially since Faith shows up in quite a lot of those little snippets...

I'm not writing anything much of it, other than the snippets, 'cause I'm going to be focusing on my OFWI2 fic (although the person I'm writing for, demanding much? *g*) and the Dark!Xander fic (which will NOT be an SPN crossover despite the fact an idea jumped in my head for it last night...). But the good news is, I actually want to write now instead of feeling obligated.

...and, my meta hat is still on. I just put in an ILL request for serious academic type books from the library. My brain is a scary place sometimes.

(and yeah, you knew I would be making at least one icon before long, so I made two. *g*)

ETA Voting is open at dw_wallpaper here - see the entries here

And *gulp*

another edit (and yes I know I've posted after this but I try to leave icon/graphics posts as just that.) I think I'm going to take Photoshop off my laptop, the colouring always turns out crappy and even though I've been using it for work stuff (Freshers' Fair) for the past two years, I shouldn't have to use my own computer for that...

I am also *really* hungry right now, like ravenous for some reason which is annoying me. (I have eaten, I'm just still hungry!) And finally, my 'not writing anythings but the snippets' plan? Yeah... that's working out, no really it is.
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