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Bored, hungry and cold

engelsteorra? I miss having you around here - now I have to sit in this damn room and try to pretend I'm working instead of being through in the other office putting you off your work. And it's baltic in here right now, AC's on full blast and it's not summer anymore...

Typed up some of sis's college work for her, it's kinda... not good, and had a fluff attack whilst planning out a fic. Seriously, me writing sheer fluff with comedic undertones? What's the world come to?

I genuinly have no work to do, not even the little dribs and drabs that normally come in during the day and which I have become adept at spreading out so that I at least have *something* to do. Not only am I a cog in this machine, I am an irrelevant cog that's spinning free because there's no bloody work to do. Still, only an hour and a half before I can get home to indulge in some serious iconing. Got my claim for 100days100icons to work on (if not finish, but it's 90 icons so I doubt it'll be completely done tonight), I've got my entry for doctorwholims to work on and I also want to (surprise, surprise) work on a Supernatural wallpaper - and maybe some icons. Betcha I get none of that done though, the sink is kinda full of dishes so I should probably do that instead...
Tags: boredom

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