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Happy Birthday bastardsnowBastard Snow!

Hope you have/are having a fantabulous day!

I've posted a bunch of things over to fandomsbitca yesterday and today and not linked to them from here. Mara Jade ficlet : Outside Looking In; Doctor Who wallpapers; and more Supernatural wallpapers

Plus, I'm being productive with housework today, defrosted and cleaned the fridge/freezer, got about half of the laundry done (and will have it ironed tomorrow) and cleaned out the kitchen. Tomorrow I'll tackle the living room and bedroom and (if I have the time) start properly on the back bedroom. :)

Right, now I'm off to go try to remember how to make Ocean Pie - or find something else to do with the fish fillets that have now defrosted*... - and watch some more Supernatural episodes.

*suggestions (culinary suggestions that is) appreciated!
Tags: brave new world outlook, flist love
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