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Randomosity and productivity

Since I set up the 'creative' journal, I've posted to it at least once a day with things created that day. I'm a little amused at my own productivity right now, and sort of wondering how long this will last - of course, the fact that I've just drawn attention to it might draw a line under it, but hey, if it does, then it's been good fun!

I just completed my Doctor Who (Tooth & Claw) icons claim for 100days100icons (posted here) and have submitted another claim. And I randomly found my Mara Jade voice again - I'm sure most of you had forgotten I had a claim for Mara in at fanfic100 - I know I nearly did - but on Friday I just kinda started writing and the next thing I knew I had a completed MJ ficlet. I know my longer stories are suffering right now, and I still intend to have some of them updated before November, but right now my head seems to be in a flash fiction place so I'm going with that for as long as the words come.

I'm going to a convention next weekend, Serenity Cubed. Normally I would be packed by now - I am the world's worst packer, and if I don't start early then I start panicking and flapping around at 1am the day I leave asking where I left the damn black top with the rugby collar (I can never find it, it's jinxed!) but this time I'm a lot calmer about it all. I'm really looking forward to the con, don't get me wrong, but I'm just a little more laid-back about it than I have been in the past. I can say with about 75% certainty that come Thursday I will be flapping about (asking where the black top with the rugby collar is...) but I'll deal with it when it happens.

I'm getting peeved with people in a certain fandom who just seem intent on creating drama and fuelling the fires. It's amusing in a way, but when it starts circling back on itself it becomes an infinite loop and just gets boring. I guess all fandoms suffer from this, but since I've just started posting in a new fandom (for me) where every single person I've interacted with so far has been so sweet and supportive, it just makes me shake my head to see other, longer established fandoms, snipe at one another.

Tags: brave new world outlook, fandom

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