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oooo - graphics!

So my aim was to post a ficlet to fandomsbitca tonight, but it kinda... turned into a fic and isn't finished yet. So instead I have just posted 52 BtVS actress icons, plus I redid my layouts. Still working on the links colours because they're just a little too strong at the moment, but the two journals (whiskyinmind and fandomsbitca) have a similar type of layout. Both multi-fandom, thanks to the poll results but I will stand up and say I spent more time on this one which ironically (to me) looks less busy. *g*

Now I'm knackered so I'm going to go watch Hell House and fall asleep...

(Oh! I got approval for the new 100days100icons claim - would it surprise anyone to know that I've claimed Dean Winchester? *g*)
Tags: lj, this productivity can't last

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