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Today I have been mostly packing bags...

Used to do that to raise money for charity back in the day, and then again when I started work in a big retail shop. Didn't expect to be sitting at my desk in the library doing the same...

Freshers' Fair is as set up as I can possibly make it - all the design work is done, I've started off the bag-packing for the 'survival kit' that we'll be giving to a carefully selected group of 500 new students, I've got my rota for the times I'm manning the stall (only two hours over the two days, I'd happily do more but...) The person organising it this year has said to me that she probably won't be doing it next year. I made it very clear that if I'm still here I would more than happy to be more heavily involved in it. So we'll see. (Part of my degree focused on marketing, the stuff I do with the FF is the closest I come to the Marketing Committee, and we won't even mention the Web Editorial Team (dontcha love the acronym there?!)...)

For someone who in personal one to one contact can be painfully shy to the point where people assume I'm aloof and standoff-ish, I love the insta-reaction of marketing and retail and customer service. My therapist and I have talked about that a lot - I used to want to present the 'customer service' side of me to everyone, but she doesn't think that's particularly healthy in that it's essentially shallow, meaningless, not me. What I should be aiming for is to emulate that confidence but lose the arrogance.

Yeah, not particularly easy...

Okay, that veered towards the contemplative therapy-esque post there didn't it? Not that I have a problem with that, but it would possibly present the idea that I'm somewhat down. Which I'm not. Far from it actually.

I don't really have a plan for this post - it is just completely randomly about me using the computer again after sitting stuffing bits of yellow card into zip-lock bags all morning so far... So, now all the design stuff is done, I think I may just have to see what other graphics I can come up with. Kinda wish I had the psd file for this banner with me 'cause Faith (although it's actually a Tru Calling promo shot) is just a little too bright standing next to Sam. She could do with being toned down just a shade (maybe with the burn tool, carefully). But alas I don't have it, so she'll to be that little brighter than the rest for a few more hours. (I was so focused on getting the relative sizing and the saturation right (as well as the near-impossible task of masking out the red background) that I sorta forgot about the brightness/contrast...)

... and that got a little PhotoShop geeky didn't it? *g* sorry!
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