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Colour me stunned...

no one even so much as looked at the shared inbox at work while I was away. I'm shocked. No, really.

Anyways... got bugger all to do and the boss is away, guess I'll be making a start on the con round up post and the OFWI2 fic then... (as well as the three (count 'em) fic bunnies that were planted in my head this weekend by Jewel and Sean. Damn them. I don't do Serenifly fic normally!)

Plus - Freshers' Fair today and tomorrow! Yay! (I am actually really excited about it, despite the lack of sleep and extreme lack of voice right now) but already I've had a bit of a spat with one of the people at a higher grade than me who is only on the damn thing so it looks good to the higher-ups.

Maureen the annoying cleaner just came through to show me a half pint of milk that was on the tea table yesterday. It was... shall we say... cheese? Since I think it had been there since Thursday that's not really a surprise, but, I wasn't here, I didn't need to see it. Yes I will be giving monkey_matt a smack round the back of the head for leaving it there (since it was probably him *g*) but why she felt the need to carry it through the office to show me? *shakes head*

Anyways... when's the first Q&A on? Oh, that's right, I'm back at work, dammit!

eta just got back from setting up the stall for Freshers' Fair - my first shift isn't until 1 so I'm back in the office till then. How to really piss whiskyinmind off? Surround her by six people doing bugger all except saying "I think they've taken one of our backboards, but they're the army so..." and watch as whiskyinmind blows up all the inflatables, sticks all the posters to the front of the table, makes a 'hand' out of the inflatable bananas, puts all the sweets in the tub, puts all the pens/keyrings/etc on the table, runs around like a blue-arsed fly and then start cracking jokes about how easy the set up was. Of course it was bloody easy, whiskyinmind did it all and she's damn good at what she does!!

*calm blue ocean...*
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