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So I'm the most disorganised person I know then - I'm going to a gig tonight which I knew about but still forgot somehow. I'm meeting smileawhile after work and we're going to grab something to eat before meeting her friend Jo and going to the gig. I have CDs to give smileawhile and a video to give Matt at work but did I bring any of them with me today? Nope.

I didn't really sleep in but I didn't have time to drink my coffee before I left the house so I poured it into a thermos mug to have in the car on the way in. Halfway up the road I remember that I've left the mug sitting on the counter in my kitchen.

I also haven't mentioned to my neighbour that I won't be in till late tonight, they keep an eye on the house for me and let my dog out during the day when I'm at work, and they get kinda concerned if I'm not back at a normal time. It's great to have such caring neighbours but it's vaguely stalkery as well...

So I'm taking a half day, to go home at lunch pick up the CDs and let my neighbour know what's going on. And I bet I forget to pick up the CDs again...

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