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I Need a Parrot

As some/most of you know, naol is currently MIA somewhere in the South of France (come back man, we miss you!) and it's left us one admin short at I Need A Parrot.

So here's the question, would anyone be willing to take on a little admin duty over at the site? It's not a great deal of work and the other moderators are around for support and any questions. Basically what you would be doing is checking newly submitted stories to make sure they fit the criteria of the site (Xander-centric, no RPF/RPS, good level of spelling/grammar, no gratuitous character bashing) and either validating it or refusing it. In addition you may be expected to keep a watch out for flamers etc (this is mainly done through checking the reviews on stories - if something has a particularly low score this can be an indicator that someone has been flaming the author).

We currently work on a weekly schedule with a community which the moderators can post in if they want a second opinion on something. I should say that as we accept fic of all types on the site, you would need to be willing to at least look over all genres and pairings with as little prejudice as possible. If something seriously squicks you, of course we won't demand you read it, all we ask is for tolerance.

Interested? Please email me at shona [at]
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