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Doctor Who thoughts. See? I still love this show!

Stumbled over the episode Dalek on BBC 3* tonight. Adam (godlovehim) implies that believing in aliens is still as freaky in his time as it is in ours. (Yes I know it's the 'near future' but it's still the future, right?)

So... what about the whole end of Christmas Invasion then? The whole 'no denying it now' thing?

If humanity is more accepting of the existence of aliens, then would Adam have been such a geek? Would he have been so motivated to understand the workings of supposedly alien technology if it was accepted that we aren't alone in the universe?

Can you believe I'm actually thinking meta thoughts about Adam?!

Hmmm, temporal paradoxes, dontcha love 'em?

* D'oh! Sorry, UKGold, 'cause it's School Reunion that's on BBC 3 right now...

Oh! And I almost forgot! New Last Icon Maker Standing contest!! spnlims - For Supernatural, obviously. You can still sign up to enter until tomorrow's cut off date for challenge one - but you could also join and vote - the more the merrier! Come, join, watch me flail!

Randomly. What is the plural of 'paradox'? Is it 'paradoxes' or 'paradi' or what? :)
Tags: doctor who, pimping!

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