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Wow I'm tired

Three hours sleep is not enough for a growing girl. (I still maintain I'm a growing girl even though the only growing a 29 year old is likely to do is in the outward direction!)

The gig last night was a lot of fun - kinda took me back to my slightly pop-tart youth for a while with Hue and Cry and Deacon Blue being the main acts along with Karen Matheson (from Capercaillie). The whole thing was a charity gig to raise money and awareness for Enable which aims to promote acceptance into the community of adults and children with learning disabilities.

I went to a Hue and Cry gig during my abortive university stint at St Andrews and I remember vividly leaning back against the stage with my arms resting on it whilst waiting for them to come out. Pat Kane stood on my hand. Last night, there was an interval thingy while they set up the stage for Deacon Blue and Pat Kane come out, jumped off the stage and nearly landed on me again. That's 10 years between times but still Mr Kane apparently feels the need to injury me... *grin*

Anyway, didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night and still have a full day's worth of work to get through today... Better hope the coffee shop's fully stocked up on espresso!!

Plus I'm annoyed - When I left work yesterday I couldn't spot my CD wallet anywhere but I figured I'd just left it on my desk or something so I wasn't too bothered about that. Except it's not on my desk and no one's seen it. All of my favourite CDs are in it, including two or three that aren't available in the UK (Kane and Steve Carlson's solo album Spot in the Corner being the ones that spring to mind straight away). If I don't find it I'm going to be gutted!
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