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I am never having kids...

It's only been a week and it's only been in the evenings but man, I am so never having kids! The ten month old obviously can't tell me what he wants/needs and I'm crap at guessing. The three year old has mood swings more randomly than even I do and the four year old is just a cheeky little so and so who is trying to be a 'big school boy' already. (If I didn't know them so well I'd worry about the eldest trying to grow up too fast but it's just a phase with him.)

And I am knackered. Seriously wiped out right now. I only had the youngest to watch last night and it ended up that he came to my house rather then me going up to theirs so it was a little less stressfull for me but still...

Got two out of the three emails sent but it was this morning rather than last night so liz_marcs and thedothatgirl can nudge me if you like. emeraldswan is now free to kick the crap out of me. Sorry sweetie - I will reply tonight, I promise! And then last night I got a couple of emails about the sites that need looked into - so that's more to do. Joy. Seriously though, if it wasn't for the family obligations thing I would be coping fine, and hopefully that'll be more stable at least by tomorrow - or at least we'll know more about what's going to happen.

I have no idea if everything that needed to be done this week at work has been done because my brain hasn't been functioning properly. I do know we had an email from this one guy who keeps emailing and complaining all. the. freaking. time. and I completely spaced on replying until yesterday so goodness only knows what else has slipped through the cracks this week. I'm sure it'll come and bite me next week...

ETA Next time I flag something as urgent to our subscription agent and they don't do *anything* for over a month except ask me if it's working yet, am I justified in going on a murderous rampage through their office?

I should point out that a tired Sho is a crabbit Sho - and that she is even less likely to put up with crap coming from above than normal. So apologies in advance for general snappiness. Just... a blanket pre-emptive apology. :)
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