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Drabble: Whatever happened to Miss Kittyfantastico?

I'm not the only one bored at work it seems... 'Trina just sent me this email: write me a fan fic of no more than 100 words involving a cat a balloon and a mysterious incident

So I did.

The safety was on. Dawn was sure, firstly because she wasn't stupid enough to leave a loaded crossbow lying around where just anyone could trigger it, and secondly because she knew Buffy would kill her if she knew Dawn was looking at her weapons.

How the bolt managed to leave the barrel when the safety was clearly on was a mystery. The look on Miss Kittyfantistico's little face when the balloon she'd been chasing deflated in a rapid - and extremely loud - manner was not. The enraged cat hissed and Dawn had to jump out of the way of her claws.

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