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the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Supernatural - here be serious spoilers for the season opener which has a kinda spoilery title...

WAAAAAHHHHH!!! I'm all broken up now, I'm just... the whole thing was spot on, Jensen's performance was just spot on - the conversation with the Reaper, when he *almost* gave up, you could see the whole stages of grief thing going on just by watching his eyes - and it killed me dead. Jared's little "wtf did I just say?" moment when he repeated what Spirit!Dean had said was less than a second but he nailed it perfectly.

And the end... when John asked Sam to go get him coffee? My phone rang, I nearly pulled the damn socket out of the wall switching it off. And then my heart broke into little itty bitty pieces. The speech, the single emo tear from John, the doubt from Dean, the fact that Sammy found his body...


I need a Daddy Winchester icon. Stat.

One tiny thing that was a bit meh for me was the medical stuff, I've been around hospitals a lot, these guys were just too slow, too clinical (although I guess that could actually be intentional - the Winchesters being right in the heart of what was going on while the world around them was clinically assessing thing).

And the Metallicar Lives!!

Not putting in a mood 'cause "broken into little itty bitty pieces" isn't a valid LJ mood - and would probably be spoilery anyway...

Oh! I knew there was another part I wanted to mention - when Sam was at Dean's side urging him not to give up because they had "only just started being brothers again" - how much did that break my heart? Especially since Spirit!Dean wasn't there to hear it at the time...
Tags: supernatural

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